Drew Barrymore sparks massive reaction wearing a prom dress in new video

Ahad Sanwari

Drew Barrymore has had some truly memorable and iconic roles over the years, but one that stands out among them all is her turn as the adorable Josie Geller from Never Been Kissed.

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Twenty-two years later, the actress is giving her fans another taste of Josie in a new video she shared.

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WATCH: Drew Barrymore brings back an iconic prom dress moment

Drew made her official debut on TikTok separate from her show, and her first video featured her wearing an 80s style pink prom dress, with puffy sleeves and frills, similar to the kind Josie wore in the movie.

She went completely in on her transformation, even wearing her hair in a ponytail, putting on braces, and dancing around like the character.

The video involved her taking on the Magic Bomb (Questions I Get Asked) trend, where she goofily answered questions like “What’s your favorite food?” and “Are you Drew Barrymore?”

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She simply captioned the video, “#josiegrossie,” and shared it with her followers on her Instagram Stories as well.


Drew’s turn as Josie Geller in the 1999 hit became instantly iconic

Fans were ecstatic to see one of their favorite movie characters see the light of day again, with one commenting on the video with, “This could not be a more iconic entrance to TikTok.”

Another wrote, “I thought this was an uncannily spot on cosplay but no I’ve just been blessed w the queen on my fyp!!!” Even The Drew Barrymore Show’s official TikTok page wrote, “Our favorite girl! Hope you stop by the show this season!!!!”

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This isn’t the first time that Josie was given another moment in the spotlight, however, as she was featured on an episode of Drew’s talk show last year.

In a November 2020 episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, Josie made an appearance in the same costume, hair, and braces to deliver the day’s news.

The actress revived her character for a segment on The Drew Barrymore Show

The heartwarming segment featured the two sitting side-by-side as Drew spoke of trying to fulfill Josie’s dream of becoming a journalist.

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