Inwood Sports Bar’s New Costume Code Shunned As Racist

INWOOD, NY — Anger is mounting above Inwood’s El Jefe NYC sports bar’s final decision to announce a new dress code policy that bans “athletic apparel,” “sagging garments,” “white t-shirts,” and “uncovered jewellery.”

The bar at 186 Dyckman Street designed the announcement Wednesday on Instagram, three days after two women of all ages have been shot outside the house the bar around the weekend.

“We really encourage fashionable and chic apparel. We reserve the ideal to refuse entry to non-compliant attendees,” reads El Jefe’s Instagram.

The backlash to the dress code announcement was instant as much more than 200 individuals have commented on the article in excess of the previous working day.

El Jefe NYC did not immediately reply to Patch’s ask for for remark.

Some opinions concentrated on the oddity of banning sportswear at a sporting activities bar, “What variety of sports bar really don’t make it possible for sporting activities attire…superior task…fantastic job,” 1 individual wrote. A different commenter chimed in, “If you believe I am heading to put on a suit and tie to Dyckman you might be on Angel Dust.”

No remark obtained more likes than, “Damn we gotta dress like Aventura to view the match?” — which is a reference to the often attractive Dominican-American bachata team.

Nonetheless, numerous other responses focused on the alleged “racist” undertones of the new gown code.

“This is on the lookout authentic anti-Black,” one man or woman commented. “How can’t you dress in your own jewelry?”

El Jefe’s submit did not make it apparent what constitutes “exposed jewelry,” which remaining people satirically questioning if they experienced to take off marriage rings ahead of going for walks into the bar.

“Seems incredibly considerably racist. How the hell are you fellas even even now open,” a diverse man or woman wrote.