Meet Lilith by Sita, the Celeb-Permitted Jewelry Designer Obsessed With Snakes

If you’re ophidiophobic, you may possibly want to appear absent. Lilith by Sita is a new jewellery brand that finds attractiveness and inspiration in snakes. The label’s statement earrings, belts, and necklaces all function the slithery reptiles on them and have been worn by Billie Eilish, Kim Kardashian, and Rosalía. 

The brand name was established in 2018 by Sita Abellan, a Spanish DJ, product, and stylist turned designer primarily based in Barcelona. (Entertaining simple fact: She has a informal cameo in Rihanna’s “Bitch Superior Have My Money” tunes online video.) Abellan noticed designing as an natural extension of the styling perform she was accomplishing, mostly for Colombian musician J Balvin. “I have always loved trend and expressing myself through it, and styling encouraged me to attract and design and style new parts,” states Abellan. 

Why an obsession with snakes, nevertheless? She’s drawn not only to their hanging aesthetic but also the deeper indicating powering the reptiles. “I experience a link with [snakes], and I like what snakes signify,” states Abellan. In the Bible, snakes symbolize equally excellent and evil the designer enjoys that duality. 

Photo: Courtesy of Lilith by Sita
Photo: Courtesy of Lilith by Sita

Her black brass snake hoop earrings have turn into a signature fashion, worn by Rosalía and Eilish. “I experience grateful my layouts are worn by queens,” states Abellan. Most of her components are manufactured working with brass or gold plating. “They are all made in a manufacturing unit in Milan by artisans who have been performing this for much more than 20 a long time,” she clarifies. That doesn’t imply she’s glad with the status quo, though. She is also searching into building her layouts out of important elements and checking out more sustainable approaches of creating. “We are setting up to function with a new substance termed recycled Zama, which is a brass produced of recycled supplies,” notes Abellan. 

Abellan isn’t just fixated on snakes, however. “I am pretty influenced by the work of Dalí, magical realism, and the tarot,” claims Abellan. “I’m an instinctual person—I really do not overthink it. When anything fascinates me, I commence to investigate and dig into it.” Some of her earrings and belts function moons and suns, even though her necklaces can be produced of shells or pop tabs and padlocks. Kardashian just lately wore Abellan’s sleek metal choker, just one of her additional nondescript pieces.

Although she will permanently be fascinated with snakes, Aballan suggests she plans to continue venturing out with extra new concepts in the foreseeable future. “I am scheduling a couple collaborations for the following [few] months with some brands,” she notes. “Up right up until now, I have been discovering only equipment, but we are aiming to start clothes and shoes before long.” Potentially a chameleon collection up coming?