The best Lululemon dance apparel loved by pro choreographers

It’s time to get movin’ to dance class — and to lululemon to shop some of the best dance apparel for your ballet, hip-hop, jazz, lyrical and other types of training.

While busting a move is easy, knowing exactly what to wear to class, rehearsals or performances can be tricky.

Here to recommend the best styles and types of outfits to wear to dance is Janelle Ginestra, a 12-year professional choreographer based in LA.

She booked her first world tour at just 22 years old with Pink and continued to work with Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj as well as a few movies and shows. Now, she runs Naughty Girl Fitness, a boutique-style platform with more than 100 dance workouts to top hits.

“Dance is my church — it’s the healing and therapy to my body,” Ginestra told The Post. “Through the sweat, power and mindfulness, you can tell many stories without speaking and simply speaking with your body.”

Courtesy of Janelle Ginestra via Instagram, @janelleginestra.

Ginestra has been enrolled in dance classes since she was two years old, moving her feet from tap and jazz to ballet and hip hop. She provides an overview of the best dance apparel to shop for some of the most popular types of dance:

  • Tap: “Anything comfy that you can feel yourself in and move in,” she recommends.
  • Jazz: “The tighter, the better — leggings and a T-shirt to see the shapes and lines of your body,” she said.
  • Ballet: “Usually form-fitting clothing, like tights and leotards,” she said.
  • Hip-hop: “Sweats and baggy t-shirts make you ‘feel’ more the part,” she said. “Your movements look fluid and bigger, too.”
  • Contemporary/lyrical: “Flowy clothes complement the movement of contemporary,” she said. “A cut-off spiritual pant and basic t-shirt are great.”

And, the most important thing to note when selecting dance apparel is how the pieces — whether it’s a pair of shorts or a printed sports bra — make you feel. Certainly, style is a personal preference and Ginestra says she’s able to “express, feel and connect” to her environment when she’s in the right outfit.

“Finding your style that makes you an individual is important,” Ginestra adds. “We do have a ‘dancer’ look, but don’t be afraid to bring you to that.”

Ahead, shop some of the best lululemon dance apparel, selected by our professional choreographer expert from the brand’s dedicated dance page.

  • Color option: Incognito Camo Jacquard Alpine White Starlight
  • Size options: 0-20

“I love a good matching suit in the zip-up jacket and legging,” Ginestra said. “You look fly going to the grocery store, airport, or to your daily gym session.”

Dance Studio Jogger 29"
  • Color options: Cafe Au Lait, Rosemary Green, Water Drop
  • Size options: 0-20

“I love these pants because they’re flattering, first off,” she said. “Especially if you’re running around or, like me, in a rehearsal all day, they have a lot of breathable material and movement so you don’t overheat.”

Dance Studio Pant Unlined 31.5"
  • Color options: Water Drop, Spiced Chai
  • Size options: 0-14

“I would wear these as an outfit and then, if I had an impromptu freestyle session in the forest, I’d be ready to go,” she said. “I love comfy but cute.”

Wunder Train Cropped Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Color options: Hideaway Camo Deep Coal Multi, Black
  • Size options: 0-20

“I love the shape of the neck, and a good long sleeve always is feminine and flattering on the body,” she said.

Align Tank Top
  • Color options: Cacao, Copper Brown, Hideaway Camo Lunar Rock Multi, Diamond Dye Pitch Grey/Graphite Grey, Diamond Dye Lunar Rock/True Navy, Blossom Overlay Starlight Multi, Rainforest Green, Chambray, Dark Olive, Wisteria Purple, Heritage 365 Camo Brier Rose Multi, Heathered Tidewater Teal, Incognito Camo Alpine White Multi, Pink Puff, Ripened Raspberry, Grey Sage, Blue Linen, Pink Mist, White, Black, True Navy, Heritage 365 Camo Deep Coal Multi, Blue Borealis
  • Size options: 0-14

“This tank top is sexy,” she said. “It’s perfect if you’re going to a hot yoga class and have a crush in there.”

Hooded Define Jacket Nulu
  • Color options: Spiced Chai, Black, Heritage 365 Camo Deep Coal Multi, Diamond Dye Pitch Grey/Graphite Grey, Heathered Black/White/Black, White
  • Size options: 0-20

“This is a great everyday zip-up jacket, whether you’re going on a brisk run in the morning or running a few errands,” she said.

Free to Be Moved Bra Medium Support
  • Color option: Black
  • Size options: 2-12

“I don’t like feeling suffocated in my sports bra unless I know I’m doing an intense workout where I’m jumping a ton,” she said. “This looks perfect for a light workout and also to pair with baggy jeans.”

For B-D cups, the Energy Bra Longline Medium Support is a similar style.

Align High-Rise Crop 17"
  • Color options: Red Merlot, Diamond Dye Lunar Rock/True Navy, Chambray, True Navy, Dark Olive, Black
  • Size options: 0-20
  • Length options: 17″, 21″, 23″

“I want these leggings on my body now as I go to a hot yoga or yoga class,” she said. “Or, doing leg day at the gym.”

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Shirt 2.0
  • Color options: Dark Red, Spiced Chai, Warm Coral, Grid Warp Pink Mist/Sonic Pink Multi, Slate/White, Pink Mist, Variegated Mesh Camo Moss Green/Bronze Green, Black, White, Ink Blue/True Navy
  • Size options: 0-20

“I like this shirt because it’s more breathable than a normal skin-tight-fitting, athletic long sleeve shirt,” she said. “It’s not every day we want to wear form-fitting workout gear, so this is that day where you wanna be more free but warm.”

Align High-Rise Pant 25"
  • Color options: True Navy, Copper Brown, Diamond Dye Lunar Rock/True Navy, Maldives Green, Heathered Black, Dark Red, Black Granite, Chambray, Red Merlot, Heritage 365 Camo Deep Coal Multi, Black, Diamond Dye Pitch Grey/Graphite Grey, Diamond Dye Graphite Grey/Pink Pastel, Wee Are From Space Nimbus Battleship, Cassis, Dark Olive, Violet Verbena, White, Graphite Grey
  • Size options: 0-20
  • Length options: 25″, 28″, 31″

“Pairing these with the Align Tank Top is a perfect little marriage,” she said.

Free to Be High-Neck Longline Bra — Wild Light Support A/B Cup
  • Color options: Orbit Fusion Mulled Wine Multi, Pink Mist, White, Heritage 365 Camo Deep Multi, Black

“I love the cut of this, especially with a matching pair of leggings,” she said. “It’s more festive and fun when you’re feeling flirty and spunky.”

Free to Be Serene Bra Longline Light Support C/D Cup
  • Color options: Dew Green, Wee Are From Space Nimbus Battleship, Dark Red, Lemon Vibe, Heritage 365 Camo Deep Coal Multi, White, Black
  • Size options: 2-14

“These bras feel so good because they’re not too tight and they allow you to breathe and feel that serenity in your chest,” she said. “When you’re going on a walk, doing a light workout session, or just wearing it underneath a T-shirt it’s nice to feel your body move and jiggle with you sometimes.”

Wunder Train High-Rise Short 6"
  • Color options: Jubilee, Heathered Green Twill, Maldives Green, Larkspur, Red Merlot, Heathered Black, Grey Sage, Cassis, Heathered Graphite Grey, Heritage 365 Camo Deep Coal Multi, True Navy, Black
  • Size options: 0-20
  • Length options: 4″, 6″, 8″

“These high-rise shorts are great for a nice outside workout and a perfect go-to for a simple and comfortable fit,” she said.

Wunder Train High-Rise Tight 28"
  • Color options: Black, Black Granite, Topography Multi, Red Merlot, Heritage 365 Camo Brier Rose Multi, Heritage 365 Camo Deep Coal Multi, True Navy
  • Size options: 0-20
  • Length options: 25″, 28″, 31″

“I love the fit of these,” she said. “Flexible and with a tight fit, these leggings are perfect for any workout.”

Ready to Rulu Jogger Crop
  • Color options: Heathered Raceway Grey/Black, Dusky Lavender, Heritage 365 Camo Deep Coal Multi, Black, Heathered True Navy/Black
  • Size options: 0-20

“A nice pair of joggers is always a great move for a fun hip hop class,” she said.

Align T-Shirt
  • Color options: Pink Puff, Hideaway Camo Deep Coal Multi, White, Copper Brown, Black
  • Size options: 0-14

“This T-shirt matched with a boot-cut bottom would be perfect for jazz,” she said.

Train to Be Tank Top
  • Color options: Maldives Green, White, Black
  • Size options: 2-16

“I love this tank,” she said. “You can throw this on if you like wearing comfortable and loose-fitted tops during your workouts.”

Ebb to Street Shelf Bra Tank Top Light Support
  • Color options: Blue Linen, White, Cacao, Spiced Chai, Lavender Dew, Dew Green, Ocean Air, Pink Puff, Black
  • Size options: 2-12

“This supportable tank top is perfect for a yoga class,” she said.

Swiftly Breathe Muscle Tank Top
  • Color options: Black, Floral Fauna Blue Linen/White, Sonic Pink, White, Slate/White
  • Size options: 0-14

“Similar to the Train to Be Tank, this top is breathable and loose fitted — perfect for a warm day and a comfortable ‘throw on,’” she said.

Swiftly Tech Racerback Tank Top 2.0 Race Length
  • Color options: Pink Punch, Tetra Stripe Rhino Grey/Black/Icing Blue/Turquoise Tide, Spiced Chai/Pink Rosebud, Neo Mint, Icing Blue, Slate/White, White, Lavender Dew, Wild Mint, Highlight Yellow, Sonic Pink, Ripened Raspberry, Ripple Wave Hawaiian Blue/Turquoise Tide, Black
  • Size options: 0-20

“If you enjoy running outdoors, this top is perfect for that,” she said. “I love the material.”

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