Women’s Motorcycle Jackets: Everything You Need to Know About a Leather Masterpiece

Women’s motorcycle jackets seem to never be out of fashion. Not to mention they are used in regular fits of bikers, rockers, and goth culture as well. Whether or not you are in any of those groups of people, such an element of the wardrobe should be at least considered.

There are so many amazing models now that will fit any style, from casual to even chic. While the latter doesn’t use the classic biker style, nowadays, fashion is so volatile and seemingly chaotic that even a classic costume will look stylish with a properly chosen leather jacket.

In 2021, the material comes back in all shapes and colors.

In honor of that, we offer this biker leather jacket guide. We’ll dive into the history of this fashion element, the most popular fits, the best place to buy, and even a FAQ.

A Brief History of a Leather Jacket

Here’s a brief timeline of the life of a leather jacket trend:

  • World War I has seen the jacket for the first time;
  • The trend has moved to World War II and was called a bomber;
  • As a fashionable element, the jacket was introduced in 1928;
  • In the 50s and 60s, celebrities and Hollywood icons were seen wearing the jackets;
  • In the 70s and 80s, women’s motorcycle jackets have become increasingly popular among rock stars of the time;
  • Since then, different varieties were in and out of fashion, eventually becoming a classic, especially for fall and spring.

Most Popular Women’s Motorcycle Jackets Fits

There are three main types of fits you can try:

  • Casual.
    Add a regular outfit like loose jeans and a T-shirt to your jacket, and you’ll have a regular casual yet stylish outfit for everyday wear. Play with colors and textures, add layers if you want a more street style look. Don’t use too many accessories for this look.
  • Rock.
    This is the hottest one! Get a pair of leather pants as well and pair them with the jacket. Add boots, accessories, and wear a crop top with the name of your favorite band. If you’re not into leather pants, go for paid or even a skirt.
  • Chic.
    There’s still a trend for florals and leather. Wear massive boots similar by tone to your jacket and a floral dress of the desired length. If you want, throw on a hat, and you’re ready for a chic night out. Accessories are welcome in this look.

Where to Buy the Best Biker Leather Jacket for Women?

There are many online shops that offer high-quality leather jackets. But HARD’N’HEAVY is one of the most reliable. The variety of clothes sold there is enormous, and you can find a jacket for any style we’ve talked about.

The website is easy to use and loads fast, offering a decent user experience. There’s also a blog where you can find lots of information about style and how to use leather clothes and accessories to make your wardrobe fashionable and edgier.

Most Popular Questions

Here are some of the most popular questions from the FAQ section of the shop’s website. Remember that you can read it before ordering to make sure there are no misunderstandings. There’s also an option to contact customer support in case there’s no answer to your query or you need more detailed info.

What payments are accepted?

HARD’N’HEAVY offers a wide variety of payment options, including:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • Apple Pay;
  • Google Pay;
  • Pay Pal;
  • American Express.

All of these are secure and quick, which simplifies the ordering process for you. The store also never shares or sells your data to third parties.

What COVID-19 precautions are taken?

Everyone in connection with your order is provided with disinfectants and clear instructions on how to handle items. Most specialists work from home, and people who need to stay on-site and pack your orders follow all precautions, wearing gloves, disinfecting them, and changing masks. Plus, the number of cases in the area is, gladly, low.

Can I order a delivery to another country?

Yes, the shop ships worldwide. Order leather jackets to almost any country. But remember that if you live on a remote island or in a suburban area, contact customer support, first of all. The operators will find out whether the shop can deliver your order or maybe you will have to go to a larger city nearby to collect it.

FAQ on Leather Jackets

Here are some additional answers for those interested in buying a jacket for their future fall fits.

Is a leather jacket a great investment?


Leather is incredibly durable if you take care of it properly. It’s also in trend most of the time (except summer, of course). You can combine it with so many clothes and create dozens of outfits that will be not only fashionable but comfortable as well.

Fit or oversized jackets?

Nowadays, oversize is the hottest topic. So, if you want to be in trend, go for an oversized jacket. They are very comfortable to wear and you can relax instead of modeling every step (which people like to do when wearing tight clothes).

But to each their own. If oversize isn’t your thing, find a stylish jacket of your size.

Are there any celebrities that love leather jackets I can get inspired by?

Oh, a ton of them. Jennifer Aniston, Kendall Jenner, Olivia Palermo, Bella Hadid, and many more have rocked the style.

You can find lots of outfit inspiration online. For more precision, look not for all outfits but specify (‘chic outfit’ with a leather jacket, for example).

Can an older woman wear a leather jacket?

A woman can do everything she can. You can never be too old for leather jackets or rock music. Make sure a consultant helps you with the size and wear it in any style, from casual to chic to rock. 

Hope you have found out something interesting in this guide. Make sure to visit HARD’N’HEAVY to see all the newest options available. And consider adding this element to your wardrobe. Fall is closer and closer every day, and we’re sure you want to feel not only warm and comfortable but stylish as well.

2021 puts a new emphasis on leather. So, maybe it’s just about time to refresh your style and opt for a gorgeous jacket. Bring some spice to your outfits!